Impressive 2020-2022 Outcomes in Asia, Powered by WordPress

In the rapidly growing digital landscape of Asia, WordPress has emerged as a major player from 2020 to 2022. This robust platform has enabled countless businesses in the region to create efficient, user-friendly websites, leading to an impressive uptick in online engagement and conversions. The dynamic nature of WordPress, coupled with its intuitive interface and extensive customization options, has made it the go-to choice for Asian businesses aiming for online growth and success.

Design Collab Agecny / Phuket Hospital

Leading hospital website that makes communication channels convenient, easy, and fast. It comes along with recommended health package for people of all ages through the most convenient use of all electronic devices.

Design & Development / WINPERFORMANCE

A reliable, efficient financial website, offering fast debt recovery. Comprehensive data, easy online contact.

Design Collab Agecny / Dolfin

A platform that meets the needs of digital life style with a simple payment system via QR Code at Central department stores and many leading stores. We created functions to satisfy all shopaholics.


A leading brand of women's clothing from Japan. It’s simple but full of style. Ready to please all fashionistas and online store is available at all time.


A website for bookworms featuring beautiful design, easy reading, and eye comfort, along with convenient online purchasing for customers of all ages.


A leading Thai women's clothing brand, widely popular with a simple yet luxury design concept aligning with the brand's style, offering quick online purchasing.

Design / GSB Research

GSB Research Center website offers diverse economic data and quality research on Thailand. Its user-friendly online membership system provides public access to knowledge.


A website for developing digital skills and citizenship under the supervision of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society.

Design / Isuzu

A leading Japanese car brand, advanced, up-to-date, easily connects with customers online.

Design & Development / COLLEGE OF LIFE

An online class website guiding life and business forward, easy-to-use from signup to engaging classes, device-friendly.

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2.5x Increase in Conversions and 30% Uplift in Retention
2.5x Increase in Conversions and 30% Uplift in Retention

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It was a pleasure to work with the Refokus team. They helped us create a beautiful and engaging website from scratch to help Weglot's expansion into the German market and hit all our growth goals. Their recommandations were always on point and the overall management of the project was clear and effective. Thank you to Leo and the whole team!

Jasper Platz

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